Exhibit Piece

TTHC 390: Manuscript received at SMLA Oct 21, 1953.                               

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(1954 AUG): IF {ill. by Paul Orban}
(1954 NOV): IF, Vol.1 #13 (UK)
(1955): A HANDFUL OF DARKNESS, Rich & Cowan, hb,
(1991): SECOND VARIETY {Citadel Twilight only}

TTHC    272:    {...} In "Exhibit Piece" George Miller is torn between two different worlds, that of the far future and that of the 1950s, in both of which authority figures (a boss, a psychiatrist) berate him for not living in the real world (theirs).

TTHC 428:    fn12: Poul Anderson remembers Phil took some ribbing when in his story "Exhibit Piece" he has "early rising" businessmen reading the Oakland Tribune, an afternoon paper. "'Awful, awful'" the writer groaned," Dick is quoted as saying in a 1955 Tribune interview. "I'm ashamed. I never get up until noon. You know, I thought the Tribune was a morning paper." The interview concludes, "But on robot pubtrans, study spools and time gates, Phil Dick is as accurate as anything, he grins." -- "Walk Of The Town," Oakland Tribune 1-10-55, in PKDS 2 - 6.

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