In the GSM Collection Uk Gollancz, hb, 04307-5, Jun 1988, 141pp, L7.95 (Paul Demeyer)
Piper, pb, 31474-2, Jul 1990, 141pp, L2.50 (Demeyer)


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PKDS-16 5:

Victor Gollancz, Ltd. of London has announced plans to publish Philip K. Dick's novel THE GLIMMUG OF PLOWMAN'S PLANET perhaps as soon as Summer 1988. It will be issued s a children's book; Paul Demayer has been commissioned to illusrate the novel, which will then be retitled, NICK AND THE GLIMMUNG.

NICK AND THE GLIMMUNG will be the last of PKD's science fiction novels to be published, as far as I know. It was written as a children's book in 1966 (the ms was received by SMLA the same day they received the ms of UBIK, Dec 7, 1966). Phil apparantly wrote GLIMMUNG during his wife Nancy's pregnancy with Isolde. He was of course already a father (Laura Dick was then 6 years old, and during the years 1959 to 1964 Phil had also been a father to Laura's three older sisters, Hatte, Tandy, and Jayne, Anne Dick's children by her previous marriage).

The original ms of GLIMMUNG is 96 pages, about a third of the length of Dick's regular novels. It was rejected by 15 publishers in 1967-68. The Agency then put it aside as a manuscript "awaiting new markets" (...) In late '67 or early '68 Dick wrote an adult sf novel called GALACTIC POT HEALER, in which the Glimmung of Plowman's Planet is a major character. No part of the story or text of GALACTIC POT HEALER is taken from the earlier book, however. {Paul Williams}

PKDS-18 7:

NICK AND THE GLIMMUNG, Philip K. Dick's first last best and only children's sf novel, has been published in the UK by Victor Gollancz Ltd. for L7.95. A charming tale written in the late 60s, it includes a great many elements recapitulating the whole canvas of Dickian sf constructs, including wubs, werjes, klakes, printers, trobes, nunks, father-things and a number of other items familiar from the settings of GALCTIC POT HEALER and A MAZE OF DEATH. The story stands well on its own, though, and has the trans-generational appeal of a Heinlein juvenile (but without the libertarian proselytizing). More than many other Dick novels, this one sems intentionally funny, a tone which is echoed in Paul Demayer's excellent cartoon-style illustrations. The main character is Nick Graham, a small boy who's family emigrates off-planet in order to allow him to keep his pet cat, Horace, who otherwise would be confiscated (pets are illegal on Earth because they consume food needed by the ever-growing population of humans). Their adventures upon arriving are classic PKD investigations into the nature of reality and fate, the qualities of humanity versus simulacra, and the necessity for doing the right thing even when it requires personal; risk. A fun book, nicely packaged, this is another delightful posthumous surprise for Philip K. Dick readers everywhere -- and their kids, as well! (Capsule review by Andy Watson)

PKDS 22/23    12:

Incidentaly, I believe the (raher large) first printing of NICK AND THE GLIMMUNG is almost exhausted, so if you don't have a copy I'd grab one quick. Apparantly it did well in the children's book market in England, which is good news indeed. Still no glimmering of an American publisher for the book. {Paul Williams}

SL:38    199

Tony --

    I hope you're feeling better. I just sold another book to Doubleday & I'm feeling very good. And I sent off my first children's novel, with many high hopes. {...}

May the Blessings of Christmass be with you through all the New Year

Phil & Nancy Dick

{PKD>Tony Boucher, undated, Christmas 1966?}

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