"The whole world was living a lie..."
"Men and Machines go Berserk in a Crazy World of Their Own Making"

1st.EDITION: Belmont, pb, 92-603, Sep 1964, 174pp, $0.50, (?)
UK 1st.: Cape, hb, 61158-5, Jun 1967, 254pp, 25/- (?) {Levack: "Bound in purple paper boards with silver lettering on the spine. No date on the title page. 'First published in Great Britain 1967' on the copyright page.}



In Joseph Adams' ears the professional smooth voice whispered, "At this spot, at this moment, the deal was hatched which was to decide the future fate of mankind down unto generations yet unborn."

Vote for your Fave PKD Story!  The first book of Phil's which I read (which sold me on him as an author), is THE PENULTIMATE TRUTH, and as such I will always love it. -- Gregg Rickman, CA

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{PKD had a story on the front page of the New York Times Book Review, 3 Nov 1991}:

{... ...} The PKD piece is by Richard Bernstein {...}

Bernstein, after being intrigued by "the conceptions behind the movies inspired by Dick's books," was unable to find a copy of ANDROIDS or "We Can Remember It..." and ended up instead with THE PENULTIMATE TRUTH, of which he says, "The story is told in a gritty, technobabblish sort of noir prose, stripped of sentiment, blunt, disabused, a bit reminiscent of William Burroughs and also of Dick's fellow Californian Raymond Chandler... This is good stuff, I thought, good enough to count Dick among those in the pantheon of the good bad writers..."

{... ...}

"I've lived six hundred years, Foote; I know when it is and isn't necessary to kill."

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