The Eye Of The Sibyl/Ross Mathis

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(1987 Apr) PKD: THE DREAM CONNECTION {ed. D.S.Apel} The Permanent Press, hb,
(1987 OCT) GNOSIS #5
(1991) WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, Grafton edition only

{Written in 1975 ?}

PKDS-13    15

The Dream Connection Approaches. D. Scott Apel has sent his book Philip K. Dick: The Dream Connection to the printer, and hopes to be filling orders in April.

   {...}there's a previously unpublished (unless the COLLECTED STORIES sees print first) PKD short story, "The Eye of the Sybil," from '78;{...}

    Copies of this hardcover book (first edition: 500 copies) are still available at the prepublication price of $14.95 {...}

TTHC    158:   {...} In his autobiographical short story "Eye Of The Sibyl", his protagonist reports that one night, while he was in junior high and "getting ready to go to Berkeley High next year" he had a vivid dream of seeing a "man from another universe... he couldn't talk; he just looked at me with funny eyes."
    The story's hero was thus disposed, responding to a question about his future, to reply "I AM GOING TO BE A SCIENCE FICTION WRITER."

   That made my family mad, but then, see, when they got mad I got stubborn... (I was told) science fiction was dumb and only people with pimples read it. So I decided for sure to write it, because people with pimples should have someone writing for them. It's unfair otherwise, just to write for people with fair complexions.

Science Fiction Review, May 1992    11:

{...} He could not, however, write for publication without some reference to his {valis} experience. His first post-being piece was a short story called The Eye Of The Sibyl. Eventually rejected by the venue it was written for, it eventually saw the light in GNOSIS MAGAZINE (#5 Fall 1987). In it, the major points of Dick's 1975 worldview are set forth, in a style reminiscent of his earlier work.
    These themes are expanded on in VALIS, which appeared in 1981.{...}

{Charles A. Coulombe: "The Ghost In The Android" -- GSM xerox collection}

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