Tony And The Beetles

TTHC    390:   Manuscript received at SMLA Aug 31, 1953.                 

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A Glass Of Darkness   Chronology Null-O

(1954): ORBIT SF #2    (1954): ORBIT SF #2
(1958): PLANET OF DOOM AND OTHER STORIES, Jubilee, ?, 214, ? {Austr.} (As "Retreat From Rigel")
(1991): SECOND VARIETY, Citadel Twilight only

TTHC    263:   Dick's sub-agents at Scott Meredith felt free to comment on Dick's work as they received it. Some of the stories are rated: "G" for  "Good," "G plus" for better. Sometimes there are just comments, {...}
The readers' opinions had some effect on where a story was marketed -- "Tony and the Beetles," seeing as how it was "pedestrian... Rather corny stuff pretending to be impressive" -- was sent directly to the "lower markets." (It wound up in the second issue of the short-lived Cosmos.)

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