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Vote for your Fave PKD Story!    MARY AND THE GIANT. While perhaps not among his best books overall, the way he conjures up the spectre of pseudo-beatniks (esp. during the "party scene") is without peer. -- Byron Coley, MA

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Tiresome as all this is, there's worse to come. I have ceased to write either s.f. or fantasy, Tony; I stopped writing short stuff for magazine publication back in May of '55; since then I've done only novels, both s.f. and what I call straight contemporary serious quality fiction about non-myth type people, and in the last year its been just the latter, the non-s.f. I have five of these novels in circulation (...) We damn near sold one of them (called MARY AND THE GIANT). In fact we had an oral okay over the phone from the editor-in-chief of a reputable hardcover house. They held the MS for six months and then -- as I stood waiting for the contracts, still keeping faith at my end -- they returned the MS with a short note. Personally, I believe they couldn't get a pre-publication softcover house to go along with the book to underwrite their costs. {... ...} --

{PKD>A.Boucher, 3 Jun 1957}

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{...}The editor responsible for MARY is David G. Hartwell, who was also Phil's editor on THE DIVINE INVASION, THE TRANSMIGRATION OF TIMOTHY ARCHER, RADIO FREE ALBEMUTH, and IN MILTON LUMKY TERRITORY, and shared responsibility for the publication on THE GOLDEN MAN and CONFESSIONS OF A CRAP ARTIST.

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   The other new release in the U.S. is MARY AND THE GIANT, which was issued in September {1989} in trade paperback format ($8.95) by St. Martin's Press. MARY also appeared at about the same time in a UK trade paperback ffom Paladin (L4.95), with a better cover and much more readable type. Paladin now has six of PKD's mainstream novels in print in trade paper, and I imagine that in a year or so they'll do THE BROKEN BUBBLE, which had its first British hardcover from Gollancz in July. {Paul Williams}

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{...}The editor I worked best with was Millen Brand. He once wrote me that he felt I had worked better in response to him than any other writer he could remember. [Brand never actually published Dick; Dick did revise MARY AND THE GIANT for him -- one can't be certain whether Dick is saying that he was pleased by how the novel came out after Brand's input, or just that he was pleased by Brand's praise for his responsiveness. -- {Paul Williams}] {...}

{PKD>Diane Cleaver, 9 Apr 1973}

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