Dr.FUTURITY                               See also Time Pawn

"A bag of tricks for the future"

TTHC    391: Manuscript received at SMLA July 28, 1959 {this is probably the expansion of "Time Pawn" into DR. FUTURITY}

1st. EDITION: ACE, pb, D-421, Feb 1960, 138pp, $0.35, (Valigursky) // SLAVERS OF SPACE by John Brunner



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PKDS-6 12:

I want to qualify what I've said in denouncing my own writing. Whenever I write a book, I really write as well as I can. That even includes VULCAN'S HAMMER, DR.FUTURITY and THE UNTELEPORTED MAN. It isn't that I say, "Well, I'm only being paid 3 cents a word; what the fuck; crummy pay, crummy book." I really try to write a good book, but they don't always come out good. The intent is not sufficient to guarantee a good result..." (PKD Apel & Briggs 1977)

PKDS-12 7:

{From Mark Hurst's Chronology of his relationship with PKD}

10). 1979 Acquired THE UNTELEPORTED MAN (complete version), THE COSMIC PUPPETS, and DR.FUTURITY for reprint with Berkley. Planned an illustrated THE COSMIC PUPPETS, a heavily revised DR.FUTURITY (changing title to TIME PAWN and adding some sex), ...

   Vote for your Worst PKD Story!   Hard to find a really bad PKD novel. But this one comes close. The plot is just too lame and the characters none too empathetic. Should've stayed a short story... -- Lord RC

TTHC`349:   {...} Drake's Bay ({in Marin County, California}where Admiral Drake is supposed to have landed in 1579) is used, along with Drake, in his science fiction novel DR. FUTURITY (1960), and Dick makes brilliant use of the locale in CONFESSIONS, TEETH, and his later sf novel, DR. BLOODMONEY.{...}

SL:38     51:


I admire and like Don, and he and I have had a rather long and happy business relationship, but his statements about my rewrite of TIME PAWN make me uneasy -- and well they might. You know that I worked hard on the TIME PAWN rewrite, and I did what I believed to be a good job, one that would please Don. If I went haywire, its news to me. Also, I got it in very early, far in advance of the deadline. I did everything I could to rebuild the story in the best possible way, and the letter that I sent outlining my intentions was a fair and accurate statement by me of what I intended to do, and what I actually did do. He was not stuck or stung. He had the legal right to reject my work entirely, to request any amount of changes he wished. Now, I say this only because his odd way of reacting -- both in terms of what he said and when he said it -- makes me fear on this VULCAN'S HAMMER job. From my standpoint, Don is an enigma. I honestly can't tell what will please him, obviously.

{PKD>S.Meredith, Jan 5, 1960} See also:VULCAN'S HAMMER and Time Pawn

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