Second Variety
Second Variety

TTHC 389: Manuscript received at SMLA Oct 3, 1952             

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Space SF, May 1953 (1953 May): SPACE SF {ill. by Ebel}

(1954): THE YEAR'S BEST SF NOVELS 1954 {Ed.: Bleiler, Ditky} Fell, $3.50 -- not in UK editions.
(1955): THE YEAR'S BEST SF NOVELS: 2nd SERIES, Grayson, ?
(1955 May): SELECTED SCIENCE FICTION #1 {Australian}
(1957): THE VARIABLE MAN, Ace, pb, D261

Spectrum II, 1962 in GSM collection (1962): SPECTRUM II {Ed.: Amis, Conquest} Gollancz, hb, 18/-

(1977): THE BEST OF PKD, Ballantine, pb, 25359
(1977): BEST SF STORIES {Ed.: Hamlyn} Stapleton, ?, L2.95

Machines That Kill, 1984in GSM collection (1984): MACHINES THAT KILL {Ed.: Saberhagen, Greenberg} Ace, pb,

(1989): ROBOTS {Ed.: Asimov, Greenberg, Waugh} Signet, pb
(1989): in GSM collectionTHE WORLD TREASURY OF SF {Ed.: Hartwell} Little, Brown
(1991): ROBOT WARRIORS {Ed.: Waugh, Greenberg} Ace, pb

Levack    123

My grand theme -- who is human and who only appears (masquerading) as human? -- emerges most fully. Unless we can individually and collectively be certain of the answer to this question, we face what is, in my view, the most serious problem possible. Without answering it adequately, we cannot even be certain of our own selves. I cannot even know myself, let alone you. So I keep working on this theme; to me nothing is as important a question. And the answer comes very hard. {PKD}

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