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ASFA -- Dale Ziemianski



GSM would like to thank all those who have helped in the construction of this website. Notably PKD's biographers and bibliographers without whose research we would not have been able to compile the information presented herein. You can see many of these sources on the Encyclopedia Dickiana main page. Individuals we'd like to thank include: Scott Pohlenz for his support, assistance, enthusiasm and help in preparing our zine FOR DICKHEADS ONLY . Others who have, wittingly or unwittingly, aided us include, first and foremost, Paul Williams for his dedication to the study of Philip K. Dick's work and life as presented in his newsletter THE PHILIP K. DICK SOCIETY NEWSLETTER (1982-1992) and Andy Watson, former managing editor of PKDSN. David Keller, at the heart of it all there in Santa Ana. Perry Kinman in Japan. Paul Rydeen in Texas. Lawrence Sutin and Greg Rickman, PKD's biographers. John Fairchild. Orjan Gerhardsson at Bakhall Books in Sweden. Simon Russell in England for his artistic contributions. Geoff Notkin for his help with FDO#4. Bernie Kling for his great letters. Markus Schurr for his letters and German books and oddments. Dan Sutherland in Chicago. Jim Thain in England and Portugal. J.R.McHone. Ken Vogel. Steve Sneyd, the sf poet for his constant stream of obscure PKDiana and postcards. Greg Lee for his dedication to PKD and the homeopape RADIO FREE PKD.       

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Jurgen Thomann. Benedict Cullum.  Jim Steel. Robert Lichtman. Eric Johnson in D.C.. Dan Bailey. Andy Sawyer, Librarian at the SF Collection, Liverpool University. Guy Lillian III. Jim Munroe. Chris Drum in Iowa. D.J.Pass in Nova Scotia. Gordon Benson Jr. and Phil Stephenson Payne at Galactic Central For their bibliography PKD:Metaphysical Conjurer . Also Daniel J.H. Levack for his earlier bibliography "PKD: A Philip K. Dick Bibliography."; Tony Pfarrer. D.Tibet. Ernest Mann of The Little Free Press. Sam Umland. Allan Kausch. John Boonstra. D.S. Apel for allowing us free run of his book  PKD: The Dream Connection. G.W.Thomas for his 'UBIK' cartoons. Karen Stern. Kyss Jean-Mary. John Meluch. Joel Margot at ADDER'S CHOICE, the best online source for PKD books and a great Website. Mark V. Ziesing for DARK-HAIRED GIRL (see Mark's website for more PKD books!). Maestro Takatak. Paul Riddell. John Joyce. Lisa Gemino. E.R.Stewart. Adam Gorightly. F.C.Bertrand for his fine essays and letters. Yael Dragwyla from the old NO BULLSHIT days. Allen Greenfield for NAEQ6. Gretchen Haupert. Patrick Clark for his correspondence and Cyber Noodle Soup plus other help. Stuart Nelson (King Crab). E.R. Stewart. Steve Brown, editor of SF EYE. Hyde Bros. bookstore in Ft. Wayne (purveyors of fine used books). Etienne Barillier in France. Jeff L. Young. And lots of people I've forgotten to mention. But, locally, I must thank Gerald Gibson of ECLECTICA TECHNOLOGIES for his computer knowledge and assistance in preparing this website and JasonK of And Barbara Morning Child, my wife and fellow GSMer. This website is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Dr. X, who, together with Barb and me, formed the original Ganymedean Slime Mold in 1984.

    The pictures at the top of many of the Short Story pages are taken from the CD: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Clipart (Atlantis to the Stars). Distributed by: CD Titles, POBox 360, Cambridge, MA 02141-0004. This is a great CD and the pictures are even better when seen in their large size. Unfortunately we had to reduce them a lot to speed up download times. When I have time I will credit the original artists. I'd've done this already but didn't think of it at the time, so now I have to go back through all the pages and correlate that with the CD. It's a lot of work! But I would like to thank these artists of the ASFA for this clipart. Three of the pictures were drawn by Lord RC, I can't remember which.

Sorry if I've left someone out.


    There is a lot of bibliographical material in this site. Some of it is bound to be incorrect. Many of the non-USA editions of Philip K. Dick's books are unknown to me and some of the cover pics are probably attributed to the wrong editions. If you find any errors then please email or write me and I'll make the corrections.

    The little This edition in GSM's Collection symbol next to any edition's bibliography indicates that this edition is in GSM's collection. Thanks again to all the PKD webmeisters for the cover pics of editions not in our collection. When time permits I'll include links to all these sites.


Quentin Reynolds in his fine book "They Fought For The Sky" (Bantam, 1957) about World War One flying aces, quotes Judge Brandeis: "If a man steals from one book it is plagiarism... If he steals from a hundred books it is research." I hope that those who find some portion of their work presented in the ENCYCLOPEDIA DICKIANA will consider it in that spirit. However, if anyone has any complaints I am willing to listen and will modify the contents accordingly if someone thinks I've stolen too much. But, basically, this website is a compendium of other people's work; a reference if you like. I hope it will be accepted as such. -- Lord RC 1999

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