Adjustment Team

TTHC 389:   Manuscript received at SMLA Feb 11, 1953.

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The Impossible Planet   Chronology Impostor
(1954 Oct/Nov): ORBIT SF #4 (1954 Oct/Nov): ORBIT SF #4 {illustrated by Faragasso}

(1958): THE SANDS OF MARS AND OTHER STORIES, Anon, Jubilee, {Australia}
(1973): THE BOOK OF PHILIP K. DICK, DAW#44, pb

(1983): Galaktica #52 (1983): Galaktica #52 {tr. into Hungarian as HELYREIGAZITO CSOPORT}

(1987): SECOND VARIETY {not in Citadel Twilight edition}
(1990): WE CAN REMEMBER IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE {Citadel Twilight edition only}

TTHC    273:   {...} As he himself said, his stories of the 1950s "were written when my life was simpler and made sense. I could tell the difference between the real world and the world I wrote about."  Again and again the real world of suburban life in the 1950s is evoked: "Adjustment Team", "Exhibit Piece", "The Commuter", "Small Town" -- only to be revealed as a shadow world, fading away when confronted with a darker reality beneath.

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