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E Dika! continues where FOR DICKHEADS ONLY
left off. That is, with issue # 7.
So, while this is E Dika # 1, it is actually FDO#7 -- the All-fiction issue.

For those of you interested in back-issues of FDO, I'm sorry, there are none left. Some of the contents of earlier FDO's can be found throughout this website. We plan on getting all back issues in here sometime in the future.

We'd like to thank the contributors to E Dika and especially to Scott Pohlenz for his help with FDO and friendship through the years. This issue is dedicated to Scott and all the other Dickheads whose passion and industry have kept the name and works of Philip K. Dick alive into the next millenium.

If you'd like to contribute to upcoming issues of E Dika, you can send your contributions via email and make arrangements that way:

We're looking for articles, artwork, criticism, short-stories, etc. The fiction need not relate directly to Philip K. Dick as a person or character; we prefer science-fiction however.


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