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We Are The Center Of The Universe by Philip K. Dick, Cosmology Correspondent.

   The failure of the famous Michelson-Morley experiment in 1881 in which the absolute velocity of the Earth moving through luminiferous ether proved to be zero gave rise to Einstein's Relativity Theory, which holds that the concept "absolute velocity" is meaningless. However, scientists at UCLA, using more-sophisticated laser techniques, have suggested a more probable significance of the null result: that in fact the Earth does not move and that Copernicus was a crypto-Pythagorean determined to vindicate an ancient and discredited heliocentric solar-system model. In a meeting of Southern California astronomers and astrophysicists it was proposed that (one) the geocentric solar system be restored as the proper model, and (two) Copernicus be dug up and admonished. As a side issue, Einstein will be regarded with mild disfavor and some amusement; scientists attending the meeting could not agree on the amount of amusement to be formally proposed.

{Source unknown: GSM xerox collection}

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